Quality Assurance Engineer Test

About Candidate

• I accept responsibility for project objectives and assimilate to change within an agile environment.
• I utilize time management skillset to achieve goals and objectives outline by stakeholders.
• My Software Language skillset assist me to design, write, edit, modify and debug software codes.
• My Quality Assurance troubleshooting skillset assist me to identify root causes in a testing environment.
• My Integrated Development Environment skillset assist me to utilize unit testing, develop software language in C#, VB, and JavaScript within a .NET environment.
• My interpersonal skillset assists my response to handle challenging situations with composure, professionalism, patience, perseverance, and courtesy.
• My written and verbal communication skillset assists me to collaborate with cross-functional teams.• Write object-oriented programming• API Testing
• My SQL skillset assists me to construct SQL queries to assert and validate database operations, database structures, and database attributes required by the application utilizing a database server data source.
• I have obtain 18 yrs. of a developed skill-set as a Quality Assurance Analyst, Quality Control, Manual Tester, and Automation Tester within an Agile and Waterfall environment.
• Ability to utilize Hewlett Packard Unified Functional Testing Professional • Ability to utilize Selenium • Utilize Unit testing

• Utilize multiple VM Directors with Actors to run Unit Regression testing
• Ability to utilize Team Foundation Server (TFS) for code solution repository and as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

• Ability to utilize Visual Studio cross development platform for code solution repository and as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Ability to utilize Microsoft Test Manager to create functional, exploratory, and automated test
• Ability to utilize SMARTBEAR TestLeft and TestComplete to build and run functional UI tests for web and desktop applications

• Ability to utilize Selenium to build and run functional and UI tests for web applications

• Utilize mature testing skillsets of various techniques to create testing permutations: white box, black box and gray box, decision table, exploratory, ad hoc, and equivalence class partitioning

• Utilize mature skillsets to create requirements on test scenarios for business application transactions

• Utilize Teams and SKYPE for meetings and textual communication for file upload and download

• SCRUM participant to disseminate daily accomplishments, current day objectives, and impediments

• Ability to support 911 First Responders proprietary applications

• Merge solution code for promoting new development, or enhancements. Also refactor code for discovering bug resolution for Development implemented code or Automation Regression Test Scripts. Merged code is promoted to various branches before merging within main branch for production environment. Use a merger tool to identify any conflicts.

Resolve any conflicts manually or use the merge tool to automatically merge the changes. Test the merged code to make sure that it works as expected.



Bachelor of Science in Business Management 1998
University of Phoenix

Work & Experience

Quality Assurance Engineer II October 1, 2022 - June 13, 2024
Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Under limited supervision, carry out procedures to ensure that all information systems products and services meet company standards and end user requirements. • Test software modules to discover and identify root causes of bug defects. • Report bug impediments and its resolution. • Participate in group collaboration meetings with suggestive improvements for current procedures and develop models for streamline configurations for a more robust performance workflow and quality improvements via automation testing. • Create and maintain execution of Automation Regression Selenium Web Driver Unit Test Scripts with computer language of code(s) VB, and C#, also inclusive of SQL, ASP, XML as well as HTML and CSS within a .NET, Selenium automated test framework environment. • Exercise spying via development tool to identify specific object properties and its attributes • Exercise understanding of DOM Element ID’s xml tag and parent/child name space hierarchy for validating properties attributes when application under test • Exercise understanding of maintaining productivity within a mixed Development Methodology Agile and Waterfall • Exercise understanding of the interfacing with product modules and services APIs. • Exercise understanding of development environment framework and namespaces, which a solution source code references by calling subroutines functions and methods, and declarations to assimilate end-user interaction of a webpage module that host the object properties members. • Manipulate code syntax to find webpage element with multiple attributes, or locate element by first, last, or default property with or without conditions, etc. • Responsible for converting regression test scripts from a Telerik automated test framework into a Selenium open source embedded within a .NET automated test framework environment utilized for validating proprietary web applications.

Software Test Developer I January 23, 2009 - September 1, 2022
CentralSquare Technologies

• Microsoft Team Foundation, Microsoft Test Manager • Hewlett Packard Unified Functional Testing • Silk Performance • SMARTBEAR TestLeft and TestComplete • Team Foundation Server (TFS) • Visual Studio • Teams and SKYPE social communication platforms • Effective communications via written and verbal • Agile Methodology • Create Test plans, and write Acceptance tests, • Execute Acceptance tests within an agile environment for Object oriented testing, Nested Object-oriented testing, System testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, and Optimization testing. • Execute Silk Performance utility to analyze performance measurements. • Verify data integrity within data sources, xml hierarchy files, and flat files. • Defect Reporting, compile test results, report risks and status on a timely basis to ensure the solution meets business requirements. • Make analytical decisions that could have an adverse impact on delaying a product deliverable due to high percentage of defects detected. • Ability to write user friendly white papers that are utilize for internal departmental Support/Maintenance Team and external customer Product Advisories. • Meet concurrent SDLC delivery deadlines in a multitasking environment • Responsible for creating testing environments with latest and greatest compile software code versions • Responsible for test data • Test and analyze web pages • VB Scripting within .NET environment • C# Scripting within .NET environment • Write object-oriented programming • API Testing • Test and analyze Web and Windows applications • Validate front end data source against backend SQL data source via submitted SQL queries

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